Company Profile

Company name DAIKIseisakusho & Co.,Ltd
Founded On Apr. 1, 1950
Established On Apr. 1, 1959
Location 76-1 Minamigawara, Nishiho-cho, Aisai-shi, Aichi 496-0911, Japan
TEL 0567-28-5375
FAX 0567-24-0415
CEO Shuichi Mizogami
Capital 22,000,000 yen
Worker 15 (as of Apr. 1, 2018)
Main Bank MUFG Bank | Nagoya-Chuo Branch
Factory scale Land area 4,950 square meters | Factory area 2,615 square meters
Business Manufacture of parts specialized equipment, Automobile manufacturing equipment, Various industrial equipment, rolls & long shaft etc.


CEO Shuichi Mizogami

To whom it may concern,

Today when High-tech and high electronics are regarded as important, the companies are also promoting liberalization that combines the trends of advanced technologies by specialized division of the labor, and basic fields that support high-density mechanisms are increasingly required to be elaborate.

Under such situation, Daiki Manufacture Co., Ltd. greeted 50 years after founding it and has consistently been engaged in special processing of basic fields of important machine tools and specialized machinery that support key industries of light and heavy industries throughout.

We are convinced that we have steadily improving processing technology and have contributed to related industry sectors for many years.

In the future, we plan to expand and enhance aggressive business to contribute to industry and business partner more and more, we would like to strengthen it steadily in the 21st century.

Sincerely yours,

CEOShuichi Mizogami